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South African Covid-19 website:

We hope you are all managing in this difficult time? We know you’re running around and crazy busy. We’ll be sending out comms with ideas of how you can configure Chase to help at this difficult time.

Here are a few ideas of what we are doing for our clients:
  • Tasks/Comms: We can bulk load “Tasks” for Managers with instructions/letters/etc. These can send Mobile App notifications to let staff know that there’s something to do, or to read on the Mobile App.  Note: We have deployed our Mobile App to over 9 000 field Ops staff many of whom are lockdown essential service staff, and the benefits are massive as you can image!
  • Checklists: We’ve created COVID-19 specific questionnaires and you can add relevant hygiene/virus related topics/questions to existing Checklists for completing on site, or at home.
  • Operational Types: New COVID-19 types can be setup for recording of lockdown, reporting incidents and for reporting of infections for example.
  • Compliance: Ensuring compliance to fast changing regulations, OHS requirements, legal obligations and general public safety.
  • Manpower: Checking who's onsite via Mobile App.
As Chase is highly configurable we can do so much more to help our clients RIGHT NOW (Immediately)!
We can have you up and running in hours / days / weeks depending on if it's configuration or a new customer.
Check out what can be done on our Mobile App.