Consolidating Processes Across Departments

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Various departments can be affected by Covid-19 and numerous checklists can be set-up quickly to provide data specific to each, here are some examples:

Working from home - support in terms of logging adverse events and checking if things are ok
Replace WhatsApp, SMS and e-mail - these platforms make it very difficult to collate and organise data
Replacing paper and clipboards from the office by using the Mobile App
Self-quarantine intel - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly 
Checking all employees who have travelled or have been in contact directly or indirectly with someone who has been infected
An increased focus on safety and OHS compliance
Preventative infrastructure maintenance
Management of temporary facilities like hospitals, morgues, logistics centre and distribution
Maintenance of health care equipment
Closing and opening offices before and after quarantine and managing risk procedures
Open door policies due to coronavirus post risk issues that need to be monitored
Logging any type of incident on the move
Gathering intel from all field staff
Managing lone workers
Office cleaning services - when was the last time room was deep cleaned, were the correct cleaning substances used?
Home sanitization - companies ensuring safety of their employees at home
Mental health
Social well-being
Track virus cases in your organization to manage prevention and care
Regular staff questionnaires and provision of information
Measuring productivity
Logging insurance issues and checking compliance
Managing insurance risks
Litigation prevention
Decreasing and managing labour issues
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