Helping Flatten the Curve

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We can help Flatten the Covid-19 Curve! With simple configuration and set-up we are able to measure, maintain, prevent, contain, process, record. analyse, track and report. 

Flattening the Covid-19 Curve
Flattening The Covid-19 Curve
Here's what we do.
Health and Safety
Measuring compliance
Mobile checks


Working from home
Replacing manual processes
Replacing paper and clip boards
Increased productivity

Better efficiencies
Risk mitigation
Replacing WhatsApp, SMS and e-mail

Asset Management
Daily, weekly, monthly Mobile checks
Preventative maintenance
Rapid response
SLA management

Job card management

Incident reporting
SOS / Panic
Case management
System integration
Monitoring personnel
Risk management
Mobile Checking 
Enforcing processes
Managing tasks
Managing exceptions
Manage services
Monitor service level agreements
Preventative maintenance
Mobilise response teams
Check & issue job cards
Log HR related issues
Deliver & forward payslips
Leave requests
Pay queries
Clock In / Out proof of presence with GPS lockin
Lone worker management
Managing costs
Maintaining assets
Reducing insurance claims
Litigation prevention
Reduce labour issues
Provide admissible data
We integrate with any sub-system.  We can integrate with body temperature technology, ERP systems, access control, CCTV and IoT devices.
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