War Against the Virus

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South African Covid-19 website: www.sacoronavirus.co.za

Published on 09/04/2020

To all the Covid-19 fighters out there

We want to share with you how we can help you deal with the war against the virus. Like in any war intel from the front-line is vital!
We are helping many of our customers configure Chase to flatten the Covid-19 curve.  We have been asked to set-up many things like incident types, adding checklists and tasks, loading mobile users, as well as additional training.  As you may or may not know, we have many tools to help with compliance, staff safety, working remotely, communication, audits, checklists, reporting, and so on.
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Activating the Army

How can we help YOU?

Here are some examples:

• Delivering payslips by integrating to payroll - keeping a safe distance!
• Logging pay queries
• Clocking In & Out on the mobile app – providing you with a log, and point of presence
• Adding tasks and notifications to really engage on the fly – removing the need for WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail
• Complete multiple checklists of any type, size, or shape wherever your phone is 
140 000 Checklists Completed PM
• Mobile SOS calls delivering alarms to help with urgent requirements
• Staff wellbeing and monitoring by gathering critical information on the go
• Setting up specific Covid-19 Health & Safety intel gathering checks about the virus, related diseases, or injuries
• Hygiene checklists collecting remote information ensuring shared work spaces are clean and safe
• Logging leave requests
• Sending shift reminders and shift completion notifications with integration into rostering

Stay Safe and Risk Free!

The Chase Solutions Team