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This is what our customers are facing with Covid-19, especially cleaning and security companies, and this is how we can help them!

Issue Description of Issue Chase Solution Benefits
Payslip delivery and Queries Covid-19 hygiene issues delivering payslips.  Cost of payslip delivery, of printer maintenance, ink and paper is high.  Deliver payslips easily via the Chase Mobile App.  Instant delivery, easy retrieval of historical payslips and ability to forward on. Improved hygiene compliance. Reduction in costs of printing and logistics delivering payslips.
  Pay queries are being handled on paper (hygiene issues) by supervisors.  They get lost or delayed leading to employee frustration. Ability to log a pay query through the Mobile App, it auto attaches the payslip in question and provides for comments and document proof from employee.  It feeds through exception workflow for approval. Quicker responses for employees, they can view and track their pay queries and receive notifications at certain progress points. Mitigates frustration, reduction in CCMA cases and makes for happier staff.
HR & Leave Requests Requests are generally handed to supervisors on paper (hygiene issues) who lose or delay requests (they often arrive after leave was due to start).  This leads to employee frustration and sometimes loss of leave records. Ability to log leave requests via the Mobile App. Quicker response for HR and employees, who can view and track their leave requests and receive notifications at certain progress points. Reduce staff dissatisfaction and leave related losses.
Customer Satisfaction & Communication Amidst Covid-19 Companies are continuously having to show value to their customers, more so now as Covid-19 compliance will need to be proven.  They don’t have measuring and output tools in place for clients to quantify or validate the service being provided. We provide output tools to continuously communicate with customers. Having scheduled tasks in place ensures that the customer is always aware of things being done, responded to, resolved, and most importantly where actions were taken to mitigate risk Client facing service excellence and satisfaction leading to better relationships.
  Customer communications are reliant on managers collating, delivering (hygiene issues) or sending out information. Chase white labelled reports make it easy to collate information.  You send inspection reports and urgent incident notifications directly to Customers along with investigation completion reports. Vast improvements in Customer communication.
Supervisor Inspections & On Site Management Companies have little proof, or records, of site inspections (contact issues) and also face inconsistent quality levels of inspections completed. Supervisors use the Mobile App to complete standard inspection checklists controlled by head office. Includes hygiene, cleanliness, tidiness with questions to ensure standards are adhered to.  Provides GPS proof of presence to site and full audit history of inspections done with ability to escalate issues to relevant managers and departments.  Easy to set-up and adjusted as required. Easy to follow SOP's, ensuring customer expectations are met and information is stored correctly.
Staff Attendance, Shift Changeovers and Shift Monitoring Without an electronic way of making sure that posts are covered, there is generally a lot of paper (hygiene issues) and chaos at every shift change. Clock in/out functionality on the Mobile App solves many headaches operationally. It decreases telecommunication expenses and you are able to establish site coverage, across all sites, exponentially faster. You can establish any deployment requirement quickly.  Exceptions and issues are escalated to the relevant departments quicker. Saves money in fuel, supervisor rollcalls, deployments and manual intensive admin processes.
  Paper based (hygiene issues) and verbal proof of presence and no centralized collation of shift attendance information quickly. Simple checklists provide gathering of relevant attendance stats and data from shift supervisors via the Mobile App. Speeds up shift changeovers and makes for smoother transitions.
Staff Welfare, Communication & Instructions It's difficult to manage HR and/or change management to provide full value.  Issues in relying on middle management, and/or control room staff, to be the communication channels between operational level staff (e.g. guards) and admin departments and vice versa.  This relates to pay queries, leave requests, sick leave documentation, payslips, rosters etc. Chase provides a platform to analyse the processes of each department, document these, and formulate a solution.  Chase can be easily configured to take over manual processes. Change management can be conducted in each department as a directive from management.   Integrations are dealt with as required. Provides for better process and change management, opens communication and many parts of the operational HR requirements are taken care of.
  Companies are reliant on Supervisors to deliver messages to staff. Difficult to communicate highly important messages to all staff especially during Covid-19. Use Mobile App tasks to deliver instructions and messages, with the option to request feedback for completion awareness with due dates for ensuring timely action. Allows for any message to be sent, it can include links to videos and/or important documents. Better quality and centralised communication platform.
  During lockdown it’s difficult to know the health status of staff at predetermined times or whether there are risks to a) customers and b) other staff. Schedule Mobile App checks to be conducted on each staff member before and after shifts. Staff can conduct the checks themselves. Outcomes below expected levels are escalated so that a staff member can be helped accordingly. Customers will know that your company has internal governance processes in place to minimize the Covid-19 related risk. Health checks good for staff and customer welfare.
Staff Accountability and costs Companies rely heavily on what is reported via radio, through manual processes and through systems like Instacom.  Operational challenges like:
a) not knowing what staff are up to
b) whether staff are doing enough to show that they are providing a good service and ... 
c) the performance of nightshift personnel, and what can be done to avoid people from sleeping on duty & being lone workers
Schedule Mobile work processes with tasks and checklists. This provides a tangible output to the business as well as to the customer. Non-compliances or failure to do what’s supposed to be done can be addressed immediately and more effectively. Improves productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of the operation.  Minimizes the risk of the SLA not being met or the customer being dissatisfied with service.
Certificate Management Managing certificate expiry and renewals according to guidelines is a massive issue. Load all certificates to be managed and draw reports on renewals. Compliant, trained and skilled staff.
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