COVID-19: A Best Practice Response

As this Covid-19 global black swan event continues to severely impact economies and organisations, we have good news!

Chase Solutions specialises in assisting organisations manage risks and continue with smooth functioning throughout disruptions. With implementing our Chase technology, our clients effectively weather adverse circumstances small and large, local and international, short and long-term. We can assist your organisation to do the same. Today!
Adverse Event Resilience Management (AERM)
Chase is a highly flexible, cost-effective, principle-based platform, able to adapt to your organizations’ specific circumstance and even virus-based economic ‘shocks’. Chase monitors and supports management, lifting organisational resilience above adverse events.
Benefit through Chase Technology
Chase ensures deviations from organisational SOP’s are rapidly remediated by providing proactive, quick response, easy-to-use tools. The results show as for one prominent international client who manages over 6,700 entries, 140,000 checklists, and 1,000 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) each month.
Framework for Response
The Chase platform handles the integrated complexity of an organizations central ecology by managing procedures simply and efficiently.
Mckinsey FrameworkThis adapted McKinsey & Co Framework, based on discussions with risk and health professionals and more than 200 companies across sectors, sets out how to efficiently manage the Covid-19 economic shock. Whether your organisation is large and requires all 5 Teams and 18 workstreams, or smaller needing only the CEO / VP / Director to personally oversee the entire process, Chase is for you.
Chase will assist with managing local or distributed requirements such as Home isolation, Quarantine, Personnel & Family wellbeing, Home-office infrastructure, OHS, Changing legislative aspects, Insurance, and new Post-lockdown normal.
Integrated GRC at Your Service
Our integrated Governance, Risk management, and Compliance (GRC) capabilities incorporate these three central functions into every department’s processes to integrate disparate organisational silos and reduce costly duplication of processes and risk. The result is a company-wide cooperation strategy that achieves compliance with internal guidelines and processes in each of the three key functions.
Chase is offering the standard Covid-19 checklists and process management templates at no extra charge during this time. Make contact now to discuss how we can be of assistance.

[1] Adapted from 'McKinsey & Co: Covid-19 Briefing Materials; Global health and crisis response, Apr2020'

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