COVID-19: A Best Practice Solution

Covid-19 global black swan event continues to severely impact economies and organizations.

Managing the Pandemic… and beyond!  22 May 2020
Covid-19 Pandemic: Fundamental Impact
In South Africa, treating Covid-19 is costing around R150,000 per person – before indirect expenses (1). Hospital admissions alone cost R85 000 on average (2).
However, the cost of shut-down normally runs into much more than millions, e.g.:

Large Enterprises: Implats closes Marula mine because 19 employees test + for Covid-19 (3). This costs R3,3 Mil profit daily (4), excluding the impact on jobs and supply chain!

SMME’s: It will unfortunately mean closure for most (5).

Systemic Poverty: In 2020 alone, it is pushing 40-60 million people into extreme poverty – half of those are in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) (6).

SSA Output Losses: World Bank estimations are between $37 Bil (R651 Bil) and $79 Bil (R1,4 Tril) for 2020 alone (7).

Is there a solution?  Yes! Integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance Eco-system Management.  This is a mix of human processes and directed technology management.
Chase is that Technology Platform that enables the human processes to succeed!
Our business is about mission-critical best practice Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance - Managing the Risks of process exceptions (from minor to extreme).  It is about remediating deviance in an automated, easy-to-use manner.

Organizations are currently looking for digital solutions to quickly and simply deal with the many challenges they suddenly have to face. This has become an immediate priority, Covid-19 has made it so, swift action implementing good systems and processes whilst moving through the lockdown phases is critical.  Then continuing to manage the processes into an uncertain future is just as important.

Our offering runs standalone, or integrated into various systems (ERP, Video Management, IOT Integration, iBeacon ...)

  • Designed to support businesses to manage the current situation, gear up to open up post lockdown, and for successfully managing the rough waters thereafter.
Achieved in the following manner:
  •  Being able to adapt quickly
  •  Contact Tracing
  •  Extensive monitoring and data gathering
  •  Location rules and movement
  •  Managing PPE usage
  •  Monitoring certificates
  •  Movement based on locations or zones
  •  Movement permits based on priority zones
  •  Personal information recording and Covid-19 screening
  •  Push notifications and alarms
  •  Risk assessments
  •  Secure visitor check-in and immunity ‘passports’
  •  Strict cleaning management
  •  Visitor movement permits based on priority zones
  •  And much more